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Monday, March 5, 2012

part three- through photo #37

It was Ginny's sewing vacation......  Lucky me got to have her here in my studio so we could sew together!

THANKS to The Pinwheel Collective for the photos...

Mom was our first sewing teacher.  I have always kept her portrait right by my sewing machine.

I purchased my fabulous Sewmor machine from a used sewing machine shop in Arizona back when I was a teenager; it was vintage even then!  I sure hope it lives as long as I do because I never want to have to rely on any other machine for my everyday, every-seam work.

two sets of sewing hands

Ginny's "vacation fabric"....   Oooo La La!

Jill, Johan, and the kids don't live in Harrisonburg these days but when I am in my studio, they don't feel so far away.  They helped me get my studio all set up when I opened KathleenTemple, Tailor on December 1, 2010.

Yes- I create custom wedding gowns.  The following gown is for a gorgeous bride in Houston, Texas, created to her measurements and specifications.

Oil painting by Roy Patteson.

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