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Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Is it ever NOT tunic time?

Come on.

Here you go- One example to spark your imagination.

Jumpsuiting into a New Year!

The "Hostess Pyjamas" of yesteryear-- What could be more charming?

My friend and I have been dreaming about a Hostess Jumpsuit for her next party, one that would accent her lovely presentation of culinary marvels.  I don't yet know what her Hostess Jumpsuit will be; it may manifest as a playful romper or some uber-glam evening luxury piece.  In the meanwhile, I am perusing all sorts of jumpsuits, past and present.

To be sure, full and flowing jumpsuits don't exist only in the past.  I am creating new such beautifulness!

One example is this stunner in vibrantly printed soft rayon challis.

There are so many ways this festive garment could be incarnated. Shall we dream up some version of my new jumpsuit for you?

Mine (here illustrated) opens fairly deeply in the back, secured only by self-fabric ties at the nape of the neck (my Etsy listing can show you more).  With its short, cut-on sleeves and long, full, drapey legs, the open back doesn't open *too* much.  If I were to make your edition of this little number with long sleeves, I think I would cut the back more generously, for more coverage and thus more stability on the shoulders.  Perhaps your jumpsuit could be sans ties, in that case.

The dropped waist seam supports the lovely, soft gathers in front and in back; very flattering.  The bodice is an easy, boxy shape, fitting loosely.  You know what I want to do as I craft the bodice on your jumpsuit, though?  I want to create several long, shallow, diagonal (so flattering!) darts to encircle your shapely waist.  The jumpsuit would retain its easy-fitting, comfort-to-the-max aspect, but would be extra shapely.  Shapeliness is good, oh yes.... 

Thank you for dreaming jumpsuits with me!  -Kathleen

Monday, January 6, 2020


We walked down the block to her neighborhood fabric shop and our almost-10-year-old spotted this fabric.  Well, it was fairly radiating color from the racks, how could it not catch the eye?

The fabric is a heavy drapery-weight strobe light of color-rich pure cotton.  So now it has become the frock that transforms her into The Queen of The Mod Look.  Long live 1968!

My original design Mod Dress:  raglan long, slim sleeves; trapeze silhouette; deep curved-edge pockets in the side seams; fancy front zip with circle-pull; easy fit style.

I think she likes it.  < big smile! >

Would the young one in your life like a dress similar to this one?  Please let me make more of these dresses! (check it out here)

This wondrous design would work very well for anyone; I can use pretty much ANY fabric for this design and can craft it to any measurements, with any variations you can think of.

You are looking for a fun dress, right?  Let's do this!

To start the ball rolling, comment here or check out my other contact spots:, text at 540-574-4311,, etc.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Trapeze Tunic, similar to my slip dresses

TRAPEZE TUNIC in black cotton stripes

Over the past few years, I have created quite a number of slip dresses with adjustable, tie-any-which-a-way straps.  If you look around my Etsy shop you are sure to find a number of slip dresses, any of which could give you ideas for your own Dream Slip Dress.  And I would LOVE to make one for you on a custom basis, to fit your own style and shape!

This time, I am showing off my TUNIC-length version of the slip dress.  My black cotton-with-stripes tunic is about 28" from the top of the shoulder to the hem edge.  In the photos, I am showing the trapeze tunic with the V-neck in back, but the V can be worn in front just as nicely.

Click here for more...

Monday, December 30, 2019

Dark Ocean Blue Silk Top

Time for a new top?

I'd love to make some version of this beautiful top for you, on a custom basis.  I may be able to obtain more of this very fabric in dark ocean blue; there are uncountable various alternative fabrics as well.  Please contact me to initiate the process.  I am eager to make your custom top and will do so with your direction at every step.

You may contact me via my Etsy shop.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

I provide care for the clothes you ALREADY own!

So many reasons to LET ME REMODEL THE GARMENTS YOU ALREADY OWN. I love all sorts of repair, alteration, re-sizing, and transformation projects, and after reading the attached article, I am going to enjoy economical garment rehabilitation even more! Please contact me from anywhere around the world about remodeling your too-small, too-large, damaged, and in-need-of-update garments. KathleenTempleTailor [at]