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Monday, January 6, 2020


We walked down the block to her neighborhood fabric shop and our almost-10-year-old spotted this fabric.  Well, it was fairly radiating color from the racks, how could it not catch the eye?

The fabric is a heavy drapery-weight strobe light of color-rich pure cotton.  So now it has become the frock that transforms her into The Queen of The Mod Look.  Long live 1968!

My original design Mod Dress:  raglan long, slim sleeves; trapeze silhouette; deep curved-edge pockets in the side seams; fancy front zip with circle-pull; easy fit style.

I think she likes it.  < big smile! >

Would the young one in your life like a dress similar to this one?  Please let me make more of these dresses! (check it out here)

This wondrous design would work very well for anyone; I can use pretty much ANY fabric for this design and can craft it to any measurements, with any variations you can think of.

You are looking for a fun dress, right?  Let's do this!

To start the ball rolling, comment here or check out my other contact spots:, text at 540-574-4311,, etc.

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