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Saturday, December 25, 2010

an especially good price here....

Another custom/made-to-measure dress for you to consider?

$$$$$$$$$$ ?

Actually, no. More like this: $$$

This is a dress I can make for you, in your choice of fabric and detail, at a very affordable price.  The sample here shows how dressed-up the original design can look, but it is not a time-consuming project.  So we can do this for you, even if your budget is quite limited.
Thinking about New Year's Eve?  That wouldn't necessarily be an impossible proposition......

The scoop:

One, Two, Three.... Happy!

FIRST, there was this fabulous cream colored silk shantung that Jill gave me for Christmas last year.

Happy me!  Gorgeous fabric is delightful.  I played around with it, washing and drying it to give it a bit of crinkle.  And I started to get ideas and visions.....

I designed and made a fabulous two-piece dress to show off the silk:

[a bunch of steps here, involving posting the dress in Morgan's and my etsy shop, connecting with the perfect customer out in Portland, Oregon, re-sizing the skirt and top, shipping it to her....]


I just discovered this in the customer-feedback part of our etsy shop this very morning, Christmas morning:

 "I had a truly fantastic experience with this merchant. Kathleen custom tailored my dream dress to fit me perfectly and shipped it off post-haste, after checking in with me a few times before she finalized the details of the dress to make sure it would meet my needs. Her customer service was absolutely top shelf and the dress is stunning! I can't recommend Kathleen highly enough for both her talent and conscientiousness. Thank you, Kathleen!"

Well, THAT feels good.  A very nice Christmas present.

And to top it off, I discovered THIS in my message box: 

 "Kathleen! Got the dress, it is FABULOUS!!! My sister is green with envy but, because she is a good sister, also helped me pick out the perfect little golden pumps with a purple undertone -- sounds weird but it's a really great complement. When I tried it on my 6 year old son stopped dead in the middle of a crying fit and said: "Wow, mom, you look so pretty. Where did you get that dress?"

In short, I loooooooooooooove it! Complete homerun. Thank you so very, very much for the perfectly tailored, magical dress and your excellent customer service! Happy holidays! xo Nancy"


Friday, December 24, 2010

If architects ruled the world


I wish I could say I designed this unlined wool coat.  I can't even claim to have made it.  I only finished it for someone else, though.  And I fell in love with it.  

This is how it can work.

JUMPERS.  I can't wait to make some of these for other women!

I just listed another jumper style in my shop:

This one is one of my favorites in my own wardrobe.  Re-designed from a commercial pattern for a closer fit and a weighted, wide hem, this jumper would work well in any light to medium weight fabric.  (I also changed the pleated, drawstring neckline, so I guess we'd say I designed this piece!)

If you would like to send me the fabric with which to fashion your new jumper, the cost could be as low as $90 because you'd pay me only for the labor.  If you would like me to furnish the fabric, the cost would be more like $115 (or more, depending on your choices).  Let me know!

Yes, I can make a boat neck, raglan sleeve tee for you too, if you like!  The tee I wear under the jumper is aubergine stretch silk charmeuse and I created a thumb-loop at the end of the long sleeves so the skinny sleeves stay down and smooth all day long.  Very luscious to wear.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

astronaut jumper

RIGHT.  That one was a "jumper" too.  And it is already listed and set up in my KathleenTemple, Tailor shop:

What is a JUMPER, eh?

Call it a vest-dress, if you like.

this one is worn over my aubergine stretch silk charmeuse boat-neck tee

I still love jumpers.  So I am showing off some of my own.  Over the next little while, I will post some of my favorites.

Like this:
this one is worn over my forest green close-fit knit dress, and is already listed in  So you can go check out the options for getting your own version of this O-Back Jumper.

And, last but not least for today:

worn over my lime green full-length onesie

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Virginia is for ETSY-ERS!

I am thrilled that the wedding gown I created for Natanya was chosen to be featured in this recent collection by "Virginia is for Etsy-ers" blogger, Yvette!

Thanks to Natanya (model and bride) and to Christine Sweet (photographer).


Natanya, you are lovely.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tie this on.

I could make black dresses every, every day and never get tired of them.  THANKS to Kim Reedy for modeling this one of mine (black rayon crepe with black stretch velvet straps) and THANKS to Andrea Gram for the photo!

See to order one for yourself.  Any color, any lightweight, drapey fabric.  I will make one just for you!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lace Gown on LOOKBOOK

Christine Sweet's lovely photo of Natanya Crumrine in her custom white lace wedding gown was published in Lookbook just now!

Please visit this Lookbook post and click "hype" if you like it!  THANKS.

 Natanya and I created the design for this gown and I crafted the white-shot-with-silver lace into the gown.

New Studio- filling up with gorgeous things!

KATHLEEN TEMPLE, TAILOR     My new studio has been open for one week now!

*please come visit me or ship your projects to me; I will take care of your mending, alterations, tailoring, or will bring to life your vision of an awesome custom-created garment

*TEXT or call or email before you head my way or send me your package, just to be sure I am available:  540-574-4311     ==

Roy Patteson created this lovely painting of me when I was still in the Ragtime Studio.  He and his wonderful spouse Pauline Patteson visited me here in my new studio already!

Thank you to Jill and Johan, and to Ginny and the rest of the Phoenix Temple family for the beautiful congratulatory bouquets.

Mom is always at the center of any sewing space for me.  The portrait of her as a very young woman is on the shelf right in front of me when I am sewing.  I wish she felt well enough to come to visit my new studio in person!

I let my dress form model something special every day.  She is rocking Gramma Gracie's Southwestern Dress today!  Gramma Gracie (b. 1906) made several of these dresses back in the 1950s, along with her sister, our Aunt Agnes.  Story is, Aunt Agnes would sew the miles upon miles of rick rack and glittery braid, and Gramma would create the dresses.  This beauty is black rayon.

fabrics on the shelves....  oh wonderfulness....


                         LOOKBOOK!, a website where people from all over the world post what they are wearing doesn't usually include images of outfits being worn by models, rather than by members.

But they say that I may post looks worn by models if I myself have created the garment.

I do that!

Check this out.  And click like, hype, heart, whatever affirmation allows you!  THANKS for looking!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Black washable wool dress, I love you.

To highlight the awesome Black Washable Wool Dress as it was beautifully modeled on Friday evening at Execute Art. 
(thanks to Martha Smith and Kim Reedy for modeling, and to StevenDavidJohnson for photos)

The beautiful necklaces are available at The Yellow Button, downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. Lovely.

Let me make one of these little black dresses for YOU.  Check it out at  THANK YOU!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

part 2- art and fashion show to benefit Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

Yes.  It was a huge night at Clementine Cafe in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, full (standing room only, actually, and many were not even able to get in the door!) full of excitement with the belly dancing troupe's performance,

the FASHION that was modeled on the runway,

the PREACHER show (

And all the beauty and fun and fund-raising!

I will add here images by Steven Johnson of my creations that were modeled.  At the end of this post, find a link to the whole gorgeous album from the evening, by Steven Johnson.

My green knit dress is my re-design of a commercial pattern, made in a substantial jewel-green rayon/poly knit.  All proceeds from the sale of this dress will be donated to Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.   Several of the items in my etsy inventory are so designated.  Please check them out and support VADP!

Kim and Martha modeled two versions of my black washable wool dress!  Necklaces available at The Yellow Button.

Kathleen (a different Kathleen from me) modeled my rayon batik cap-sleeve dress (it is one from, the sale of which will benefit VADP).

Martha Smith seemed to enjoy wearing my scarf-skirt!  It is still available....

Mai-Linh is modeling my silk velvet ruched top!  I am donating the money from the sale of this piece to VADP  (go to to buy this size extra small to small- details there)

I have to include all the shots of Kim modeling this steel grey rayon jumpsuit I created because I love it so much!  Original, one of a kind.   If you purchase this size medium jumpsuit, I will donate all of your purchase money to VADP!  Check it out at

I am also donating this gorgeous evening gown to VADP.  Kim is modeling the rayon crepe dress with velvet straps here....  beautiful!

The lovely Mai-Linh in her lovely wedding gown (yes- created by me.  Peach silk shantung.  Stunning)

Rose changed out of her fantastic belly-dancing costume to model her wedding gown (made by me).  It is a dark, dark teal silk velvet with rhinestones and hand made self-fabric flowers (by my tailoring partner Olena Marusich!) over a sparkly silvery-blue slinky knit dancing dress.  She wore the two layers together for her wedding, then just the slinky dancing dress for the wedding reception.  Breathtaking!

The finale of the runway show was Annie, wearing her wedding gown (made by me).  Peach silk shantung with black silk velvet trim which I cut from Annie's own vintage velvet evening gown.  At the hem of her strapless wedding gown, you can see a bit of the black net-with-rhinestones petticoat Annie created by Annie herself.

This last photo was made by Annie and Rob's wedding photograper at their wedding.  Annie made her bouquet of the silk shantung I had used for her dress!

Then PREACHER went on stage!!

THANKS to everyone who made this evening.  What a fabulous event!  Linell Smith Patterson, the main organizer here, the heart and soul of the entire project, you are AWESOME!

(see Steven Johnson's whole album from the event: