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Saturday, December 25, 2010

One, Two, Three.... Happy!

FIRST, there was this fabulous cream colored silk shantung that Jill gave me for Christmas last year.

Happy me!  Gorgeous fabric is delightful.  I played around with it, washing and drying it to give it a bit of crinkle.  And I started to get ideas and visions.....

I designed and made a fabulous two-piece dress to show off the silk:

[a bunch of steps here, involving posting the dress in Morgan's and my etsy shop, connecting with the perfect customer out in Portland, Oregon, re-sizing the skirt and top, shipping it to her....]


I just discovered this in the customer-feedback part of our etsy shop this very morning, Christmas morning:

 "I had a truly fantastic experience with this merchant. Kathleen custom tailored my dream dress to fit me perfectly and shipped it off post-haste, after checking in with me a few times before she finalized the details of the dress to make sure it would meet my needs. Her customer service was absolutely top shelf and the dress is stunning! I can't recommend Kathleen highly enough for both her talent and conscientiousness. Thank you, Kathleen!"

Well, THAT feels good.  A very nice Christmas present.

And to top it off, I discovered THIS in my message box: 

 "Kathleen! Got the dress, it is FABULOUS!!! My sister is green with envy but, because she is a good sister, also helped me pick out the perfect little golden pumps with a purple undertone -- sounds weird but it's a really great complement. When I tried it on my 6 year old son stopped dead in the middle of a crying fit and said: "Wow, mom, you look so pretty. Where did you get that dress?"

In short, I loooooooooooooove it! Complete homerun. Thank you so very, very much for the perfectly tailored, magical dress and your excellent customer service! Happy holidays! xo Nancy"


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