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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Studio- filling up with gorgeous things!

KATHLEEN TEMPLE, TAILOR     My new studio has been open for one week now!

*please come visit me or ship your projects to me; I will take care of your mending, alterations, tailoring, or will bring to life your vision of an awesome custom-created garment

*TEXT or call or email before you head my way or send me your package, just to be sure I am available:  540-574-4311     ==

Roy Patteson created this lovely painting of me when I was still in the Ragtime Studio.  He and his wonderful spouse Pauline Patteson visited me here in my new studio already!

Thank you to Jill and Johan, and to Ginny and the rest of the Phoenix Temple family for the beautiful congratulatory bouquets.

Mom is always at the center of any sewing space for me.  The portrait of her as a very young woman is on the shelf right in front of me when I am sewing.  I wish she felt well enough to come to visit my new studio in person!

I let my dress form model something special every day.  She is rocking Gramma Gracie's Southwestern Dress today!  Gramma Gracie (b. 1906) made several of these dresses back in the 1950s, along with her sister, our Aunt Agnes.  Story is, Aunt Agnes would sew the miles upon miles of rick rack and glittery braid, and Gramma would create the dresses.  This beauty is black rayon.

fabrics on the shelves....  oh wonderfulness....


  1. This studio is beautiful, Kathleen. Do you have access to good music there?

  2. Yes, in fact I do. The nice neighbor upstairs played Tom Waits music all day yesterday!

    THANKS, dear Ted. I have been enjoying Corey Morrow today too. And right now, Ray Wylie Hubbard!

    (Ted's desk and attendant sound system is upstairs from my new studio here in our home!)

  3. Love the pictures of your studio. It's so nice to have a special place to work and be creative (and it's so tidy).