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Sunday, December 5, 2010

part 2- art and fashion show to benefit Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

Yes.  It was a huge night at Clementine Cafe in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, full (standing room only, actually, and many were not even able to get in the door!) full of excitement with the belly dancing troupe's performance,

the FASHION that was modeled on the runway,

the PREACHER show (

And all the beauty and fun and fund-raising!

I will add here images by Steven Johnson of my creations that were modeled.  At the end of this post, find a link to the whole gorgeous album from the evening, by Steven Johnson.

My green knit dress is my re-design of a commercial pattern, made in a substantial jewel-green rayon/poly knit.  All proceeds from the sale of this dress will be donated to Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.   Several of the items in my etsy inventory are so designated.  Please check them out and support VADP!

Kim and Martha modeled two versions of my black washable wool dress!  Necklaces available at The Yellow Button.

Kathleen (a different Kathleen from me) modeled my rayon batik cap-sleeve dress (it is one from, the sale of which will benefit VADP).

Martha Smith seemed to enjoy wearing my scarf-skirt!  It is still available....

Mai-Linh is modeling my silk velvet ruched top!  I am donating the money from the sale of this piece to VADP  (go to to buy this size extra small to small- details there)

I have to include all the shots of Kim modeling this steel grey rayon jumpsuit I created because I love it so much!  Original, one of a kind.   If you purchase this size medium jumpsuit, I will donate all of your purchase money to VADP!  Check it out at

I am also donating this gorgeous evening gown to VADP.  Kim is modeling the rayon crepe dress with velvet straps here....  beautiful!

The lovely Mai-Linh in her lovely wedding gown (yes- created by me.  Peach silk shantung.  Stunning)

Rose changed out of her fantastic belly-dancing costume to model her wedding gown (made by me).  It is a dark, dark teal silk velvet with rhinestones and hand made self-fabric flowers (by my tailoring partner Olena Marusich!) over a sparkly silvery-blue slinky knit dancing dress.  She wore the two layers together for her wedding, then just the slinky dancing dress for the wedding reception.  Breathtaking!

The finale of the runway show was Annie, wearing her wedding gown (made by me).  Peach silk shantung with black silk velvet trim which I cut from Annie's own vintage velvet evening gown.  At the hem of her strapless wedding gown, you can see a bit of the black net-with-rhinestones petticoat Annie created by Annie herself.

This last photo was made by Annie and Rob's wedding photograper at their wedding.  Annie made her bouquet of the silk shantung I had used for her dress!

Then PREACHER went on stage!!

THANKS to everyone who made this evening.  What a fabulous event!  Linell Smith Patterson, the main organizer here, the heart and soul of the entire project, you are AWESOME!

(see Steven Johnson's whole album from the event:


  1. Wow. Absolutely stunning, Kathleen! I would love to have been been there! Congratulations!