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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Execute Art, not people

Come to the big art and fashion event here in Harrisonburg, Virginia!

"Execute Art, not people" is the upcoming art and fashion show gala to benefit Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.  Along with several other local designers, I am donating and exhibiting various dresses and such.  Awesome models will be modeling our creations!  Among the many great garments that will be modeled:  three of the custom wedding gowns I have recently created will be modeled by the brides with whom I created them.  All three of these bridal gowns are wildly different from the gowns one may find "off the rack"; these three brides are not afraid to step off the beaten path!

There will be a silent auction through which you will be invited to bid on fashion items or works of art (there are several artists/photographers as well as a few jewelry creators who have donated fabulous pieces).

A very special part of the runway show will be the show-within-the-show:  belly dancers will perform in their gorgeous costumes!

Music throughout the event will be deejay-ed by local celeb D.J. Neal Carter.  And after the runway show, PREACHER will play their high-energy, country-infused rock and roll!

The gala evening:  Friday, December 3 at 9 p.m. at Clementine Cafe, downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Kathleen Temple, Tailor

Welcome to my blog!

Here, you can see what I am creating in my design, dressmaking, and tailoring studio.  I will post pictures of my design projects and will show you the custom dresses and such I am creating for my customers.

The newly re-done studio will be ready by December first!  I am eager to make new garments for you (your design ideas or mine, or your pattern choices), but am equally enthused to do expert alterations and repairs for you on garments that are already valued items in your wardrobe.

I even love to repair your jeans!

I will be well-set to do fittings for you here in the studio; just call me to set an appointment or to be sure I am in, if you are planning just to stop by.  Text, talk, or voice message: 540-574-4311

Thank you!   Kathleen

Monday, November 22, 2010

contact information

I will still be at Ragtime Fabrics quite a lot over the next weeks.  Ragtime: 540-434-5663.  But if you stop in to see me and I am not there, Ragtime personnel will gladly put you in touch with me (I may even be able to come right over to Ragtime on the spot).

If you would like to text or call me to check in before coming over to look for me:  540-574-4311

I have various email addresses, but is the one I want to publish here.  My other email addresses are still on my radar too.

You can find me on facebook:  Kathleen J. Temple  OR (I will have a facebook page for Kathleen Temple, Tailor soon....)

And of course I am on

I eagerly await your contact.  And of course I can hardly wait to work with you on your dream garments and your favorite garments!

what I do

I make custom wedding gowns, such as the beautiful Natanya's.  She and I worked together to design her dream dress and I created it for her out of gorgeous white-shot-with-silver lace.  Photo by Christine Sweet-- and many thanks to her for her excellent work.

Mai-Linh is always breathtaking to behold, but especially so the day she was married!  She and I designed the features of this silk shantung dress over several months as I crafted the silk and its underpinnings into perfection.  Thanks to Sera Petras for the wonderful image!

I also do custom tailoring...

There is not much I do not do in the realm of tailoring, dressmaking, fashion design, and alterations!

Vintage designs, design from scratch or work from patterns, complex couture techniques, timeless styles as well as wildly unusual styles.  I do it!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Custom Sewing Studio

I will open my new custom sewing studio on December first!

My "day job" is ending because the fabric store that has been the home for my studio will no longer offer custom sewing services.  My assistant in the fabric shop's studio will become an independent custom sew-er too, and we will be sharing my new studio space.  We are both thrilled to be starting this new enterprise together!

My new studio is lovely, well-lit, and spacious, taking up nearly the whole of my home's ground floor.

As a designer, tailor, dressmaker, and alterationist, I am delighted to make clothing that expresses my dreams and visions.  I also love to make clothing based on YOUR dreams and visions!