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Monday, November 22, 2010

contact information

I will still be at Ragtime Fabrics quite a lot over the next weeks.  Ragtime: 540-434-5663.  But if you stop in to see me and I am not there, Ragtime personnel will gladly put you in touch with me (I may even be able to come right over to Ragtime on the spot).

If you would like to text or call me to check in before coming over to look for me:  540-574-4311

I have various email addresses, but is the one I want to publish here.  My other email addresses are still on my radar too.

You can find me on facebook:  Kathleen J. Temple  OR (I will have a facebook page for Kathleen Temple, Tailor soon....)

And of course I am on

I eagerly await your contact.  And of course I can hardly wait to work with you on your dream garments and your favorite garments!

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