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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let no one claim....

Let no one claim that blue-black cannot SHINE.

Blue-black cotton voile, edged with royal blue silk velvet.

This stunning dress is soon to begin her journey to New York to be worn by my lovely customer who commissioned the dress.

The project began this way:
The image showed me some aspects of my customer's dream dress.  When she sent me the blue-black cotton voile and the royal blue silk velvet, she sent me the image and some written notes to describe what I should do.  We together redesigned the neckline ideas (corresponding by email all through the process) and I created the dress.

 The left side of the dress opens and closes with a hidden placket of snaps.

Outdoor light shows the BLUE all the more.  In some light, the cotton voile appears to be simply black.

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