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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A VaVaVoom Suit. I'd say so!

I am so lucky!  I get to sew for fabulous people who love fabulous fabrics!  This rich blue and green peacock jacquard fabric is incredibly lively, yet sophisticated and chic in its drawstring-waist sheath incarnation.  The sleeves come to just above the elbow, the dramatic fold-over collar in navy blue wool brings out the dark blue of the peacock colors.  Knee length, this VaVaVoom dress is going to wow the crowd when my beautiful customer gets up to deliver her talk at a conference later in the spring!

...trying to get my camera to show you the colors properly...

The back of the dress, with its inverted box pleat at the hem.  When she walks, the woman of this dress will show a bit of navy blue wool at the back of the hem.  The lower part of this dress, by the way, is narrower at the hem, creating this great "wiggle" dress in peacock plumage!

Over the peacock wiggle dress, she can wear the coordinating navy blue wool duster-length jacket.  It has 3/4 length sleeves and shares the raglan-sleeve styling of its dress.  It is A-line in shape, but is contoured at the waistline.

Turn around slowly....  the back of the jacket dips a bit longer in back, creating a swing-coat sort of effect....

The jacket is trimmed at the neck and front edges with the peacock fabric of its dress!

The one small pocket on the jacket will be handy, but also will enhance the waistline by its size and placement. (btw, A., it can be easily removed if you'd rather your jacket's sleek lines be totally uninterrupted!)

The jacket can be worn with its peacock neckline over the dress collar, if desired.

...small slits at the openings of the 3/4 length sleeves...

VaVaVoom Suits!  Bring 'em on!

I am posting this feature about the Peacock Colors VaVaVoom suit primarily for my customer to be able to see the ensemble before I ship it off to her tomorrow.  I am so glad, also, for everyone else in the world to get to see this great suit she and I collaborated to create.  Please let me know what sort of awesome suit I can start making for you, too!

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