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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh my, my!  I am blushing.

Really, I am honored and pleased to be featured on The Pinwheel Collective!

Here is the opening of the story about KathleenTemple, Tailor:


Kathleen has become a friend and creative guru throughout the past year. With a cozy studio full of color, texture, art, and touches of her beloved family, Amelia & I were able to spend time in her workplace, hearing about her fully passionate life.
I, Katie, was lucky enough to have Kathleen revamp my mother’s wedding dress to wear to my own wedding this past fall. Kathleen brought much more than a skilled hand to this endeavor—she excitedly came up with ideas for this dress, crafting it until it was a perfect representation of what I had in mind.
Kathleen is a true artist, bringing creativity, wonder, fascination, and joy to every client and garment....

Go to The Pinwheel Collective to read more and to see the lovely photos these talented photography sisters created.  Thanks so much, Amelia and Katie Schmid! (THE PINWHEEL COLLECTIVE)

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