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Monday, October 1, 2018

Then something happened

one + one = three

Really? Yes, we are professional tailors and we know math. Garment math. Seriously, it's a thing.

The story begins with two identical pairs of men’s dependable, hard-working pocket pants. 

After years of faithful service, a blotchy blue stain appeared. The knees were worn. Repeated hot washing and drying resulted in a bit of shrinkage. The owner cast them into the "give-away" bin.


The pants had been washed and worn into a such a comfortable state of being ...

Then something happened. 

With a bit of addition and subtraction, the two pair of straight legged men's pants became one woman’s casual A-line skirt, with a touch of elastic to snug in the waist, and a front slit with matching topstitching.

"pocket" bags

And two playful shoulder bags for a couple of stylish school girls. 

Thankfully, advanced math wasn't necessary. But this is proof that just about anything can be recycled into a new life.

(No pockets were harmed in the transformation of these pants. In fact, almost everything from the original pants was used in the skirt and shoulder bags, or will be reused in other projects. Reuse, recycle, reduce ...)

What’s in your give-away bin?

Let us help you with some garment math!

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