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Friday, May 18, 2018

Re-Model and Re-Love

We have a long time client who is super tall. Barefooted I think she’s about 6’3” (and she loves wearing heels, which puts her north of 6'6"). Recently she fell in love with a sundress. It floats, it’s silky, it’s all about casual summer beauty. And it’s about 9” too short for her. So, she bought two of them. Crazy, eh? Not at all.

We've suggested this idea many times over the years.

        We harvested fabric from one dress to add the necessary length to the other dress. The flouncy hem mirrors the neckline flounce. Now she has a remodeled dress that looks like it was designed that way from the beginning!

Another client found the dress of her dreams for her wedding. 

Hallelujah! Conundrum!

Her mother had saved her own wedding dress in the hopes that one day her daughter would wear it. Sweet, sentimental. 

Quick thinking, the bride suggested wearing her mother’s dress to the rehearsal dinner. Whew!

But the dress was a bit dated for her taste. Could we help her out?

Tailors are problem solvers at heart. To update this gown, we replaced the tulle sleeves with spaghetti straps, removed the waist sash, and added a thigh high slit to the skirt.

There may be other wedding catastrophes, but this isn’t one of them.


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