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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hearts and Crafts, a documentary film

Documentary film to enjoy......

Hearts and Crafts (a click here will take you to the Hermes site where you can view the film)

An excerpt from the blog post by Susie of Style Bubble enticed me to find the film:

 "The film may have been commissioned by Hermès themselves but from start to finish, the most remarkable thing is that the word Hermès is never uttered.  There's hardly a logo in sight unless you count a beautiful horse seen in the stables at the beginning of the film and cantering about in the closing moments, as a reminder of the French house's insignia and its equestrian beginnings in the 19th century. 
Instead, Laffont and Dupuy-Chavanat cleverly focus on the people working at Hermès' various ateliers, occupying roles such as leather polisher, silk dye colourist, leather craftsmen, glass makers, mould makers - running the gamut across all of Hermes products, not just the famous handbags.  This isn't a sensationalist film nor does it rattle on about Hermes' achievements as a company.  This is really a quiet celebration of craftsmanship and of men and women who have found their vocational calling and have a desire to fulfil it.  Mixing up pigments for silk or massaging leather skins may seem very singular and specific but it's an important cog in the process of bringing Hermes products to life.  As someone points out in the film "We're part of a line.  It's a snowball effect."  "Heartscrafts1

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