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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Color, multiplies exponentially

How about some COLOR?

She wrote:  
"Oh, I do love colors!! In architecture, back in school and even till now working, everyone wears black, gray, cream, taupe, etc... (Don't get me wrong, they are nice colors, well, professional.) I'm tired of it, somewhat. I NEED colors for a change. "

And she sent this SILK COLORFEST to my studio.

I created this colorfest dress, based on one of my original designs.  It's listed here.

To show you the back.....

Front detail, to show the cross-over sashes.

I created little crocheted thread lingerie keepers inside the shoulders.

Another front view shows what the dress looks like with the sash ends wrapped twice around to finish in front.

... the back looks neat as a pin when the sashes are twice-wrapped.

YES. She loved the dress!  I am so proud and happy.  This is from my etsy "feedback" page:
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! The design is so beautiful and functional! And the color and style is so funky and original - I SO have my favourite outfit sorted! Absolutely a masterpiece. Fits and drapes exactly like what I expected. BEAUTIFUL construction. Kathleen was attentive and kept me posted all the way. Thanks SO much Kathleen for the customer service has been exceptional. Kathleen is a dream to work with, a top notch Etsy seller, I highly recommend! Cheers!!"