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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ginny and I were working in my studio... first 9 photos

This is the first of several posts to show you Ginny and I working together in my studio.  We had a fantastic fun time.  I can hardly wait to do it again some day.  Ginny, when is your next sewing vacation???                                                                                       

 All photos in this series by The Pinwheel Collective.  Thanks, Katie and Amelia Schmid!

 Ginny gave me a gorgeous pearl necklace to match hers.

... behind Ginny, the antique kimono given to me by one of my customers....

... oil painting by my customer Roy Patteson...

Ginny and I worked to turn her many fabulous fabrics into dresses and skirts and such that she will wear for years to come.  Beautiful garments!

Thank you, Pinwheel Collective Photographers!  You photog sisters are wonderful photographers to work with.  Your visits to my studio are always a big pleasure and we love your work.
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