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Friday, February 11, 2011

Off-the-rack becomes CUSTOM CLOTHING

I remodel off-the-rack clothing quite frequently, customizing garments that might have looked ordinary.

For instance, I am currently in the process of transforming an ordinary ball gown style wedding dress, the kind that, though pretty, looks so very common and typical.  When the lovely bride and her enthusiastically supportive mother and I are finished, this bridal dress will be a totally unique and beautifully over the top Renaissance style wedding gown, complete with a draping multi-layer cape style train that will flow from the back of her shoulders half way down the staircase as she ascends.

Another example of ready to wear clothes made into one of a kind:

I had a run of the mill black knit skirt that I bought through a common clothing catalog years ago.  I shaped it into a pencil skirt that is precisely my own shape and redesigned the plain elasticized waist into a contoured low-rise yoke that lays flat and smooth.  For the tunic, I took in the sides and center back seams of a baggy sweater-dress from Territory Ahead, cut and hemmed it to tunic length, and donned it over a mock turtleneck tee of my own design.  With my own custom flat-waist leggings of matte jersey and my Dr Martens (of which I even altered the side belts/buckles), I will always look custom-clothed.

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