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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Almost illegal. Look out for LeMuse

Designer Lina of LeMuse on Etsy has created some of the most exciting designs I have seen on Etsy.

I want to thank and honor Lina with this Etsy Treasury I have curated, using items from her beautiful LeMuse shop.  For the treasury, I chose 16 of my favorite pieces; there are many more to behold, including a couple of terrific jackets for men.

I don't yet know Lina, who lives and works in Vilnias, Lithuania.  Neither do I have any particular connection to her other than the fact that we both have Etsy shops.  I simply love her clothes and am eager to share them.

Here, I put together trio of images from my treasury in tribute to LeMuse (a sample).  Each of the three photos is itself a link to Lina's LeMuse shop.


These dresses and other clothes are so exciting! LeMuse is one of my Etsy heroes -- This entire treasury is a tribute to LeMuse.

It is "almost illegal" because LeMuse designs (and their descriptions!) are so sensual and beautiful and tantalizing. But also because Etsy treasuries aren't supposed to contain items from only one shop!

Throwing caution to the wind, I salute LaMuse!LeMuse long dress...
Milk and honey Muse dress

Deep Blue Muse...

To view my entire Etsy Treasury in tribute to LeMuse:  Almost Illegal

Don't worry, no one will catch you if you go right on to LeMuse!  Your only problem, once you browse her entire shop, will be to decide which items to purchase.

So?  Buy several!  You will see that the prices are amazingly low, and you will be wearing original designs, hand made to your specifications, in wonderful high quality natural fabrics.

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