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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Quick! Hand Me a Gown!

A couple of years ago a friend shared this story with me: she'd been invited by a business client to be his '+ one' at a gala event. She was honored -- and horrified. Simultaneously! What to wear??

She tried on every gown in town and online. Even the ones she didn't like and the ones that were super expensive. She eventually found one that wasn't terrible and fit mostly. The evening was elegant and she was having a such a good time. Then, something happened. A woman walked past her wearing the very same gown. Ugh. And looking much better in it. Double ugh.

If I'd known her dilemma, I'd have suggested this gown! Simply chic, sophisticated, graceful. One-of-a-kind. Custom and affordable (two words not often said together.)


This one shoulder, belted, flowing gown is almost finished. Remembering my friend's story, I couldn't wait to share the photos!

In black, it's a smart evening gown. In white, a wedding dress. In red, a special holiday occasion dress. In pastel, a spring formal. In a soft gray, an intimate dinner on the beach.

One-of-a-kind. The fabric could be any color. With or without a train. Mini or maxi length. Plus size or petit. Paired with a shawl or bolero in the winter.

Quick! Let us make this gown for you! Follow this link to our Etsy shop.

(Gown shown in black ponte. Estimated fabric and labor costs $100 - $250.)

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