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Monday, April 25, 2016

Oh my.  If only I could show Catherine Mumaw what I created out of the splendid cotton fabric she gave me.

I'm grateful to Catherine for her lovely gift.  She traveled all her long life, collecting beautiful fabrics from here, there, and yon.  She brought back this particular cotton print --ink-black and deepest yellow, with little accents of ivory-- from Indonesia.  

Catherine graced me with some of her beloved fabric souvenirs shortly before she died.  I have yet to craft into dresses and such most of the fabrics.  But here's to you, Catherine, with gratitude.

The Catherine, a caftan.

The CATHERINE, a caftan most wondrous, will soon appear in my Etsy shop.  This is where I display my creations in order to give my clients from all over the world ideas for garments they may want to commission.  I will there showcase The Catherine and ask clients to send me some beautiful textile from which I can create the caftan (or other garment) of their dreams.  Check out the possibilities and let your imagination soar: