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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fantastic Cotton Dress with Merlot Embroidery

To show off a newly created summer dress.

The beautiful cotton fabric in a lovely beige is decked with embroidered motifs of vibrant merlot.  The detachable bodice as well as the long, flowing skirt are fully lined with a luscious silk charmeuse.

I crafted this dress for a lovely, slim woman who is fully 4 inches taller than my dress form, with a torso that is much longer than that of my dress form.  The dress therefore doesn't fit my dress form very realistically!  On the woman for whom I created the dress, the straps will not be too long, the skirt's waist will sit at her natural waist, and the cut out areas will be more fully open than they are on my dress form.


  1. Oh Kathleen! I'd have to show that off too! How lovely.

    1. Thanks so much! I wish the pictures were better, to show off the details and such more effectively. Thank you for your comment, STAshworth. -Kathleen