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Monday, June 4, 2012

linen, old lovely linen

Some of my favorite treasures of fabric are pieces I "inherited" when the sewing mothers and grandmothers of my non-sewing friends have died.

One friend gave me a piece of linen that had been her grandmother's.  No telling how many decades ago this linen fabric was created.  I hope that I have done at least some justice to the great fabric that my friend's mother passed along.

I treasured the fabric here in my studio for many years before I decided to wash it.  I washed and washed it, buffeting it to lovely softness.  Then I made one of my famous "O-Back Jumper" delights out of it!

Do you mind the rumpledy-ness of linen?

Hand-stitched red embellishment....  A simple, nice contrast.
I created a new listing in KathleenTemple, Tailor on Etsy this morning that features my Linen O-Back Jumper as a sample.  You can see more information about it there.

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