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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Grandmother GG's Karakul Coat --Remodeled!

One of my favorite customers brought her GG's Karakul Coat in to my studio.  Could I make it 8 inches shorter?  Could I re-shape and shorten the sleeves?

Working on this beautiful coat, I was amazed by the lovely lining and the labor-intensive hand-stitching throughout.That gorgeous lining is completely underlined with soft cotton flannel.

The skins, even tiny pieces as they are, are all perfectly pieced.

My mid-1950s friend loves this project.  "MOR", she says, "mor".

And most amazing of all, I found an imprint inside the sleeve.  I can't read it too well, but besides HOLLAND, it says "FOR LASTING LOVE".  You might not even believe me, but for this photo.

Thank you, Cheri, for letting me work on your dear GG's coat.  May she rest in perfect peace.  
'For lasting love', love to you and yours in this wonderful holiday season....   Kathleen

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