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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Black Skirt becomes a dress once she is wrapped up....

The little skirt grows up to become a fantastic Little Black Dress.

To don this baby, you step into the narrow skirt (the fabric is stretchy yet substantial cotton/lycra knit), then draw the fabric up and over your shoulders.  To cinch the waist, you wrap the long ties around and around.  The black knit works well for the dress, but I can make this design in any light to medium weight fabric.  If it were made of a non-stretch fabric, I would simply insert a zipper into the side seam.

Here's the back:
To achieve this look, I pulled the back of the bodice up and over the shoulders first, then pulled the front bodice up and over the shoulders toward the back.  Those shoulder pieces create sleeves because I made them extra wide, wide enough to come down past the elbow.

Sure, I DO want to make one of these comfortable and flattering dresses for you!  How about royal blue cotton or wool jersey, worn with apricot and gold accessories?  Or short and WINTER WHITE, worn over skinny black pleather slacks?

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